Welcome to Wegener. 
We deal in fresh fruits. We sort, package and deliver the best fruit from 
A as in apple to Z as in Zwetsche, which is German for a type of plum. These fruits are cultivated and harvested by contractors and selected farm cooperatives. They are all certified according to international quality standards.

Welcome to the tradition. 
The climate and the soil in the Altes Land marsh area, immediately south of the River Elbe, are ideally suited: it is no surprise that the fruit-growing and fruit trade have been at home here in the Altes Land for centuries. And our family business also has grown within this tradition. The Gustav Wegener u. Sohn GmbH u. Co. KG partnership has been operating for over 90 years. The family’s fourth generation is currently running the enterprise and will continue to do so.

We welcome your wishes. 
This historically grown, traditional closeness to the product is to your advantage because you can rely on it. When you deal with us, you will receive guaranteed freshness and quality under fair conditions – that’s what ‘first hand from Wegener’ really means.