On six days of the week our products are sorted, packed and shipped. The raw product is sorted in an effective manner on water-conducting sorting and packing facilities, which is gentle on the fruit.

We pack 2kg carrier bags for our customers on five machines, 
which yield a packing volume of 96 tonnes per shift.

In addition we pack 1kg foodtainers on two machines 
with a volume of about 30 tonnes per shift.

This enables us to respond to customer desires fast and in a flexible manner. Our products are delivered to you in the packings which are customary in the market. These include cardboard, foodtainer, wood, carrier bags and 120kg bulk packs. On request we also fill customers’ own packs. 
We are independent of forwarding agents thanks to our own 14 refrigerated vehicles. We transport the product in an expert and produce-friendly manner. Flexibility, quality and reliability all the way from us to you.